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Residential Pest Services

Interior service includes:
  • Inspect and Identify the pest or rodent
  • Spray or bait your residence depending on the pest or rodent
  • Fix all entry points found for rodents to come through
  • Sweep all spider webs in the home including, attic and basement
  • Wear professional shoe covers in your residence
Exterior service includes:
  • Inspect residence and property
  • Treat “Hot Spots” when needed
  • Spray around doors, window wells, and the complete perimeter of residence.
Residential Pest Control

Our pest control service is professional and effective. Call Us Now For The Best Service In Colorado (719) 310-4200 

When, Why-U-Buggin Pest Control enters your residence, we treat it like it is our home, by effectively using proper pest control techniques and safe pest control products ensuring maximum results without leaving an unpleasant odor.

Our pest control professionals understand and explain the process and results and how they might differ depending on the type of pest management used.

Failure to disclose such information to customers leads to misunderstanding and dissatisfaction, We believe that a satisfied customer due to knowledge of our services is the best method of customer retention.

Integrated Pest Management

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques for both our commercial and residential customers. IPM is a common sense approach for companies to address pest and rodent issues, focusing on three primary techniques; inspecting, identifying and treating. Whether sealing cracks and crevices, removing a food or water source, or employing pesticide’s treatments, IPM is about finding the best solution.

Residential Hot Spots


Garages, due to moisture, heat and darkness your garage makes an ideal place for pest and rodents. Spiders like the warmth, where they construct their webs in all corners. They can be controlled by keeping webs removed and with regular pest maintenance programs which remove their main food source: Insects.
Garage drains are breeding grounds for drain flies so using a good drain cleaner frequently can help rid your garage of these standard flies. Cockroaches love cardboard boxes and old paper products to breed in so removing unused or needed paper items help eliminate roaches.

Living Rooms

Living Rooms often contain potted plants, however, we unknowingly bring in undesirable pests like spiders and ants so checking your plants before bringing them in would be a good idea.

You also should keep your animals on a good tick and flea management program as this will help control fleas in your home.

Mice are also commonly found scurrying from corner to corner in the living room as well as the rest of the house, they enter homes through small gaps and holes.


Kitchen trash should remain closed to prevent food odors that attract flies. Taking the trash out regularly also helps control house flies.

Roaches enjoy the warm, damp environment that kitchens offer them, and they take advantage of this great spot for breeding and feeding.

Beetles hide in cupboards and chew through paper bags, cereal boxes and flour containers which are why you should keep these items in plastic or glassware.

Ants love the food your kitchen offers them, from sugar and crumbs to a water source ants thrive in the kitchen.


Bedrooms are the last place we want insects and rodents to be. Bed bugs however, have been on the rise in the last several years. They hide in the boxspring, inbetween your mattress folds and other cracks and crevices throughout your home.

Spiders, of course, also tend to be in the bedroom spinning webs and crawling across our beds as we sleep.

Crickets like dirty clothes and will damage them when left on the floor by eating holes in them, simply putting clothes in a hamper can control crickets.


Closets offers the perfect place for moths to feast on your wool garments. Having a fresh supply of mothballs on hand is always a good idea.