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Gopher & Vole Control

Gophers and Voles are such a nuisance here in Colorado that we get daily calls on our services to eradicate them.

Gophers & Voles Commonly Found in Colorado


Pocket Gopher

Scientific Name:

Pocket Gophers are remarkable animals living almost for five years. Their pockets are external, fur-lined cheek pouches that carry food and nesting material. Every part of Colorado has pocket gophers. These animals vary widely in color, often matching the soil in which they live. Gophers rarely seen; don’t create ridges in your turf; they will however destroy your garden or yard by eating all the bulbs and roots. Why-U-Buggin pest control, baits and traps gophers and rids your home or office once and for all. Give us a call for pocket gopher control in Colorado Springs or Pueblo.



Scientific Name:

Voles in Colorado tend to be brownish in color, but the sagebrush vole is gray. Their diets consist of fruits, seeds, fungi, dead mice, and rats; however, they prefer roots, and tulip bulbs. Voles destroy gardens and yards by tunneling underground; there can be anywhere between fourteen and five hundred voles per acre as they are very prolific, having up to ten young per litter, and up to 12 litters in a year. Trees that look infested with insects, or other diseases should also be considered to have Vole damage.