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Commercial Pest Services

Our Commercial Service is tailored around the owners needs.

Commercial service includes:
  • Inspect and Identify the pest or rodent problem
  • Identify the cause of pest or rodents
  • Seal off any entry points found
  • Sweep all cobwebs down (Interior and Exterior)
  • Inspect the property for “Hot Spot” Treatments
  • Guaranties on all work completed

We schedule around our Commercial Clients’ needs, so we are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Call Us Now For The Best Service In Colorado (719) 310-4200 

Licensed & Insured

Why-U-Buggin is licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Insured with an A-rated Insurance company. We offer our  commercial or residential customers a Certificate of Insurance (upon request) verifying our general liability limits, effective and expiration dates and whether the policy is active or cancelled. Although other local companies advertise their many years in business, what they do not advertise is their ability to retain employees. We believe it is important to personally take care of our commercial clients. Honesty, Experience & Quality of services have provided excellent referrals from our commercial and residential clients, and we are very proud of this.

Integrated Pest Management

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques for both our commercial and residential customers. IPM is a common sense approach for companies to address pest and rodent issues, focusing on three primary techniques; inspecting, identifying and treating. Whether sealing cracks and crevices, removing a food or water source, or employing pesticide’s treatments, IPM is about finding the best solution.

Commercial Pest Services

Industrial & Warehouse

Our Industrial and Warehouse services work around your schedule as we understand the unique times you hold. Why-U-Buggin can be there anytime convenient for you, including after hours and on weekends.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities offer unique challenges for any pest control company.

Our approach is simple, keep pest and rodents out by structuring an exterior baiting program for all pests and rodents, and when warranted indoor treatments using safe EPA registered products.

We have several options to fit your companies unique pest and control needs

Hotel & Hospitality

Hotel and motel owners, already faced with the constant worry that a guest may come across an insect or pest during their stay also deal with the imminent danger of bed bug activity.

Unbeknownst to the owner or management, guests bring them in on their luggage, purses and other items. Bed bugs, then hide in box springs, bed folds, wall hangings, couches, etc. waiting to feed then hitch hike on their next host.

At Why-U-Buggin, we specialize in bed bug eradication. Why-U-Buggin Pest Control will tailor an IPM program that meets your scheduling demands as well as providing effective control of all pest and rodents.


Restaurants can receive reviews, posted by customers, and on social media sites within seconds. If there is one pest or rodent spotted by a customer, it can do un-repairable damage to the reputation of the restaurant and the owner.

At Why-U-Buggin we implement a plan to rid your business of any pest or rodents, monitor and inspect, and provide preventative measures to ensure total pest elimination.